Press coverage of Potts in 1915

The local press reported Potts' exploits and stories immediately after the battle. Here are some of the stories.

Chronicle 10/9/15 page 7
Potts own account in a letter to his sister

Chronicle 10/9/1915
Potts is reported wounded

Chronicle 10/9/15 page 7
Andrews is reported missing

Chronicle 8/10/15 page 10
Reading rejoices when the VC award had been announced

Chronicle 15/10/15 page 7
Potts is interviewed by a Chronicle reporter

Chronicle 15/10/15 page 7
The Territorial Association resolves to honour him

Chronicle 22/10/15 page 7
The Territorial Association is to organise a concert at the Town Hall

Chronicle 29/10/15 page 7
The Pulsometer Engineering works are to present him with a tea service and clock.

Chronicle 26/11/15 page 7
The address to Trooper Potts to be delivered on 6th December.

Chronicle 3/12/15 page 15
Arrangements are in place for the presentaion of the address

Chronicle 10/12/15 page 5
Report of the presentation and the following concert

Chronicle 17/12/15 page 7
Potts' wedding and presentation of VC by the King

Chronicle 24/12/15 page 7
Potts is entertained to dinner by the Pulsometer

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